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Premiered October 21, 2023

Vatican Banquet Hall in Van Nuys, CA

"Van Helsing’s Dracula is absolutely one of the most extraordinary and enjoyable evenings of theatre I have ever had. In Los Angeles or anywhere."
- Samantha Simmonds-Ronceros,

Van Helsing's Dracula is the first production by Madmann's Playground.

A poetically sapphic interpretation of the classic tale, the show follows Van Helsing after she receives a mysterious invitation to an ominous dinner where the Countess Dracula steals Van Helsing's lover and lures Van Helsing into a psychologically tormenting and sensually seductive trap. Van Helsing is faced with a decision: cross over fully into Dracula's dark and twisted lifestyle, or walk away and leave her lover behind.

Producers: Corrin Evans & Sarah Mann

Directors: Sarah Mann & Katie Rediger

Story Writers: Corrin Evans & Katie Rediger

Poetry by: Katie Rediger

Composer: Hummie Mann

Choreography & Act Creation: Sarah Mann & the performers

Costume Designer: Kelly Maglia

Lighting Designer: Derek Jones

Sound Engineers: Chris Sousa & Justin Harris

Performers: Lala Araki, Rachele Donofrio, Taylor Marie, Katie Rediger, Alicia Salvadori, Carolina Saverin, Frankie Tan

Understudies: Jennifer Harrison & Sarah Mann

Music Director: Jarryd Elias

Musicians: Alison Bjorkedal, Jarryd Elias, Dylan Price, Chihsuan Yang

Menu by: Chef Anne Apra & Chef Ronen Levy

Production Coordinator: Abby Relic


Van Helsing's Dracula was made possible with the help and support from our amazing community:

Eva & Yogi Agrawal

Brenda Arechiga

Bryan Bellezza

Kaylin Boosalis

Gary Braverman

Sarah Brinkley

Tissyana Camacho

Mindy Cantu

Laurence Cohen

Mae Crosby

Tri & Sarah Dao

Suzanne DeCarion

CJ Edwards

Jarryd Elias

Jon & Renee Engmyr

Itsik Figenblat

K C Fox

Jessica Gelson

Linda Gruss

Matt & Helen Herman

Jeff Kaufman

Diana Le

Hummie & Vicky Mann

Rosalie & Fred Mednick

Malcolm & Christine Moore

Jane Petty

Kathryn Primeau

Nick & Alexis Rheinwald-Jones

Kaitlin Regan

Sally Roderick

Adriana & Nathan Scott

Alyssa Williams

Darielle Williams

Thank you for your generous support!

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